Specializing in Medicaid application assistance for Massachusetts seniors
Applying for Medicaid often imposes administrative and emotional burdens on families.

Our goal is to ease those burdens.

We work with you every step of the way through the application process; we  coordinate with MassHealth so you don't have to.

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Are you or a loved one 65 years or older and struggling because Medicare isn't enough to cover your health or long-term care needs?  

Does your organization have elderly clients that lack the means to pay for critical long-term or nursing home care? 

Medicaid Senior Solutions can help!

We will determine whether you qualify for health care assistance through Medicaid and take you every step of the way through the process of applying for MassHealth.

For individuals, caregivers and families, please click here for more information.

For organizations looking for:
  • MassHealth application assistance
  • free trainings or panels on Medicaid
  • free educational assistance.

Please click here for more information.

Call us for a free consultation today!

  1. Free Consultation
    We provide you with a free consultation in which we discuss the income and asset limits set by MassHealth and review the documentation necessary to apply.
  2. Application completion
    If you decide to proceed, we will complete your MassHealth application and file it for you. You provide us with the information and documents and we handle the rest.
  3. Assistance for Senior Organizations
    For senior organizations such as nursing homes, SCOs and assisted living facilities, we provide application assistance to your clients and also will hold panels and conferences to educate clients and staff.
What is Medicaid?
Medicaid is a state and federally funded program providing health and dental coverage to qualifying seniors. In Massachusetts, Medicaid is known as MassHealth and offers a variety of programs to the following:

  • Individuals living at home not in need of long-term care 
  • Individuals in need of personal-care-attendant services in order to live at home
  • Individuals living at home and in need of long-term services and supports under a Home and Community based waiver   
  • Individuals in or waiting to enter a long-term-care facility
Do I qualify for Medicaid?
You may qualify for Medicaid if you and your spouse meet the income and asset criteria set by MassHealth. Please contact us for a free consultation in which we can discuss whether Medicaid may be available to you. Please also visit our Caregivers and Families page where you can learn more about the services we offer to help you apply for MassHealth stress-free.